Our beautiful cashmere garments are spun from one of the finest Scottish yarns and we want you to love and wear them for years to come.  Please read our cashmere care tips below to ensure you keep them looking as good as new!

If you find yourself limited for time, our cashmere can also be Dry-cleaned.

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1.       All cashmere pills as friction causes the short fibres to twist around each other.  These annoying pills can easily be removed with a cashmere brush, sweater stone, de-pilling device or a sharp razor (but be careful & only use sharp blades). 

2.       Simply lay the garment on a clean, flat surface and lightly hold the area down making sure there are no kinks, then glide your razor, brush etc over it and shake off excess fluff

3.       Look for stains and treat these first with a gentle stain remover such as The Laundress Wash & Stain Bar.

4.       Always wash your clothing inside out and with like colours


HAND WASH (Recommended)

1.       Make sure you have a clean basin for washing in

2.      Use a cashmere friendly hand wash detergent as instructed

3.      To drain excess water, lay garment flat on a towel then roll up in the towel (like a rolling pin)

4.      Open towel again, arrange garment in it’s natural shape and leave to dry flat


1.       Wash on a delicate/woollens cycle only and set temperature to cold ie: 30 ̊ or lower

2.       Turn garment inside out and place in a wash bag, we like these ones from The Laundress

3.       Use a cashmere friendly detergent (do not use fabric softener as this will shorten the lifespan of the garment)

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1.       Do not iron or tumble dry.

2.      Invest in a steamer for the perfect finish.

3.      To keep moths at bay, make use of cedar blocks

2.      Store your clean cashmere in a breathable storage bag.

4.      Fold your cashmere neatly in your wardrobe and keep it clean